About TDE

Who are we? We are me, currently a team of one. I am a designer, a writer, a stylist. I am a creative. I am a business woman. I am a kind critic. I am gen X. I am the web experience. I am my iPod. I am a wife. I am a musician. I am a person who craves anything visual—web, print, handmade, anything.

Without boring you with my life story, I will tell you, that I fell in love with all things pretty at a young age. My mother owned a children’s boutique. And, while other children were at soccer practice, I was merchandising the window display with my mom. I loved wrapping the gifts for the customers (something I am still known for with my friends), and creating merchandising displays throughout the store.

This love for the pretty evolved into an incredible career in design and creative direction where I have worked for many incredible companies such as Williams-Sonoma, Nike, Gap, AT&T, CNET, Old Navy, WalMart.com and HP. This blog is my outlet for congregating all of the inspiration research that I do on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do compiling it!