Introducing The Designed Experience

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 | retail | 3,087 Comments

As designers, editors, creative directors, artists, users, architects and outright lovers of the web, we are all scouring our favorite sites everyday…for what hits the sweet spot. Who has the next great idea? Who has achieved perfection in simplicity? Who has created the standards we all design to (whether we realize it or not)? Who has shown us intricate design without overworking it? AND, what is the next great site?

I have seen my teams and colleagues spend countless hours in search of their inspiration. It can be an image select, a flash site, a type treatment, the perfect user experience. Sometimes it is a site in its entirety, sometimes it is a small portion of the site that calls such incredible attention. No matter, it is the details that draw us in.

The Designed Experience will seek out all of these things, and present them back to you. We look forward to sharing with you many years experience in the design industry. Please send us your thoughts, and offer us any great designs and experience that you encounter.

We hope you crave The Designed Experience as much as we do.